Corporate Responsibility Program

At sb LiftOff we are more than business professionals. We’re volunteers, donors and mentors. Guided by a core set of values, we’re committed to creating positive change in our communities and in the lives of young people.

Charity Partner: Cornerstones

Cornerstones is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency, offering support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare, and other human services. “We chose Cornerstones as our 2018 charity partner because of its reputation for delivering real value to people in need,” says sb LiftOff CEO Sharon Heaton.

Cornerstones is a key participant in the Fairfax County Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness, which has made significant strides in reducing homelessness - a 47% drop since 2008. Cornerstones works tirelessly to advocate for a county-wide commitment to increasing the stock of affordable housing, always pushing to do more and do it better. “We'll need to continue to grow our housing inventory,” says Cornerstones' CEO Kerrie Wilson, “to meet the projected 3,000 new households with extremely low- and very low incomes who will be working and living in our community in the coming 15 years.”

Working toward the dream of decent housing for all, especially vulnerable children and the elderly, Cornerstones met an important milestone recently when it doubled its own stock of local, affordable housing, “sb LiftOff is proud to partner with Cornerstones to strengthen our community by providing hope for tomorrow today,” says sb LiftOff CEO Sharon Heaton.

See the Cornerstones site here

2019-2020 Young Scholar Award

When sb LiftOff selected young Jalen Tillman as our inaugural Young Scholar he was a 14-year-old rising sophomore at Joppatown High School outside of Baltimore. His peers at Joppatown were testing at a 47% proficiency level in English on the Maryland School Assessment.

sb LiftOff obtained a full academic scholarship for Jalen at St. Andrews Sewanee. A highly ranked Episcopal boarding school outside of Nashville, Tennessee, St. Andrews charges $46,600 a year for tuition, room and board. Jalen is now getting a high quality prep school education, enjoying world-class athletic facilities, healthy meals, dedicated tutorial help, and college admission support. He has been voted Proctor by his peers at St. Andrews, a respected leadership job at the school.

“I loved To Kill A Mockingbird,” says Jalen. “I just read A Thousand Splendid Suns about women in Afghanistan. I really liked it. With help from sbLiftOff Jalen spent last summer as a counselor for a program run by the Episcopal Church of Maryland, Camp Imagination. The free camp program takes children from West Baltimore to the county for summer activities and help with reading readiness. “I really enjoyed giving back,” says Jalen.

“Jalen is a senior and weighing his college options,” reports Nancy Langer, sb LiftOff’s Corporate Responsibility Program Chair. “He’s looking at strong liberal arts colleges in the MidAtlantic. sb LiftOff is coordinating Jalen’s tutoring support in math and taking him on college visits. We are so proud of Jalen.” The company’s corporate responsibility goal is to bridge Jalen to the right college and to support him as he makes his way through college and to the world of work.

At 6’3” and 290 pounds, Jalen, now 17, is leading the SAS Mountain Lions to its best football and basketball seasons ever. “I’d take a whole school of Jalens!” says St. Andrews Sewanee’s headmaster, Karl Sjolund.

“I feel so blessed to be at this school,” says Jalen Tillman, 15 years old, with sb LiftOff’s Corporate Responsibility Chairwoman, Nancy Langer.

sb LiftOff’s Corporate Responsibility Program is led by a three-person management committee. The committee meets three times per year to evaluate worthwhile charity partners and to review submissions for the annual Young Scholar Award. The deadline for Applications to the 2019 Young Scholar Award is September 1, 2018. The company’s charity partner is nominated by any employee at sb LiftOff, with the committee making final selections. The Corporate Responsibility Committee’s goal is to have a real and enduring impact in our community. “We seek to live our values,” says CEO Sharon Heaton. For more information about sb LiftOff’s Corporate Responsibility Program and its activity contact