Selling Your Business

sbLiftOff helps you achieve a deeper understanding of how various types of buyers might see your business so you know what to expect. With a goal of increasing buyer competition, sbLiftOff develops a compelling narrative for your company that peeks buyer interest and expands the buyer pool. sbLiftOff’s professionals have extensive experience keeping deals on track from initial NDA through due diligence to closing. And most importantly, sbLiftOff is registered with FINRA through Stillpoint Capital, an essential protection for Sellers because M&A advisors by law must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For more on the sbLiftOff certainty of execution approach to selling your business click here.

Clarity Report - Valuation

You’re the expert on your business, but every owner can benefit from an outside, unbiased view. Our Clarity Report provides a snapshot of your company’s strengths, its challenges, as well as opportunities for value enhancement. After reviewing existing financials, sb LiftOff develops pro forma statements and provides an estimated value of the business. The Clarity Report further delineates obstacles to transferring the company and offers appropriate solutions.

After receiving the Clarity Report, some owners choose to enhance the value and transferability of their company. Other owners move immediately to sales mode. With your Clarity Report you can see both the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Next step, implement your preferred plan. Then…lift off to your next goal in life!

Value Enhancement

As skilled value enhancement advisors we can pinpoint key building blocks to grow business value. Together with owners we tackle such value drivers as strength of management, risk management, accuracy of financials, compliance, and overall transferability. Our value enhancement engagements focus on the most strategic changes that kick off the biggest bang for the buck over the shortest period of time. For more information on what you want for your future, click here for our Examining Options video.

Buyer Support

sb LiftOff also works with Buyers seeking to acquire privately held companies. Because we are in touch with many Sellers, some Buyers simply ask us to keep their goals on our radar and alert them if we come across an acquisition target that fits their needs. In addition, some Buyers engage us to provide a full service review of all their potential acquisition options. If this more robust engagement is for you, we are happy to team with you and deliver a better view of the market and available targets, helping you avoid lost opportunities.